Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bike Buggy

We recently bought a trailer for the bike so I can take the kids for a spin around the neighborhood. The kids absolutely love it. I have to admit that if I was a little kid this would be awesome. The trailer also converts to a stroller. It is pretty nifty!

We hooked a big one

I will admit that I am not a master fisherman but we had the best time on Sunday. We took the kids to Wheeling Park to fish. The pond is so full off fish that you are basically guaranteed to catch one. We took the rocket fishing pole that Pap Mick and Grandma Karen bought Fletcher for his birthday and it actually worked! I had my doubts, it seriously launches a hook with bait on it across the lake! It even has a safety! James won the prize for catching the smallest fish ever!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter day!

We had a busy Easter day, first we searched for eggs at our house and found Easter baskets, then off to Nana's for lunch and finally dinner to go from Nanny Vopal's! We are all exhausted!

Egg hunt

Yes, I did dress my kids in matching shirts, and I don't care what anyone thinks, they look awesome! We had such a big day on Saturday, I took the kids to the Highlands and we shopped around and went to Cabela's to feed the fish. Then we stopped at the playground for a few easter photos. Next stop Easter egg hunt, the kids had a blast. We ended the day with a trip to the zoo for their annual easter treasure hunt!

Egg Coloring!

The kids did a great job coloring eggs this year! Fletcher threw one egg on the floor but I guess 1 egg lost is not too bad! Now we are preparing for the Bunny to come!