Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I had clincals yesterday and it was so exciting, I got to go to the O.R. to see surgery. I was totally shocked that #1 they let someone without any O.R. experience go and watch surgery and #2 that my teacher let me leave her supervision and go to the O.R. by myself for almost 3 hours. It was so awesome, I cannot even describe it, mainly for confidentiality reasons, but it so topped the staple removal from last week! This was by far my best clinical I have had since starting nursing school, I hope the work I turned in gets a good grade.

On another note I am sitting here by myself, the kids went to bed a 6:00pm like the little angels that they I am having a glass of wine and waiting for James to get home.


Dijea said...

What was it? You can say the proceedure as long as you don't say a name. I promise i won't tell.

Abby said...

pace maker replacement, it was really neat, no guts but still bloody!