Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A morning of pee

This morning was so much fun! I am being sarcastic. After waking up I came down stairs with the kids and everything was fairly normal. James went off to work and then I smelled something! It was cat pee, I know that smell anywhere and it is NASTY..... I was down on my hands and knees sniffing the dining room trying to locate it. I was unsuccessful and then it occured to me that maybe it was just the pork and sauerkraut I was cooking. But no, I smelled it again! Then I located the pee, one of our pain in the arse cats peed all over the kids red fabric/foam stuffed chair and Fletchers school pillow! Nice huh? So then after cleaning that up, Sophia had to pee and slightly peed in her underpants. Then off to petco for some sort of cat pee smell remover. We found that and headed home. Then it happened, Sophia peed in her pants in the car. I think this is more how those wonderful moments occurred, "I am wiggling, I am wiggling, I HAVE TO PEE MOM, MOOOOOMMMMMM IIIIIIII HAVVVVVEEEEE TOOO PEEEEEEEE NOW!, I am wiggling" then silence........." I NEED NEW PANTS MOM!" So when we returned home and it was 12 degrees outside she did not want to walk to the house because her pee soaked pants were probably freezing to her little legs, so I had to carry her and then I had pee on me! IT WAS A GREAT MORNING!!!!!!

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Dijea said...

Maybe the cat pee smell remover will work on Sophia's car seat. Its worth a try.

I have a cat - CAGEY that pees everywhere and until yesterday was not fixed and OMG there is nothing worse than tom-cat pee. Its like really nasty stinky feet and ammonia put together.

I'm feeling nauseous now, I must go lie down. He!He!