Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Plumbers Christmas Party

On Sunday, James's grandfather invited us to the Plumbers Christmas Party. When James was a kid they went every year and we were really excited that our kids would be going this year. It was neat to think that James's grandfather has taken three generations of kids to this party. The kids were so excited to go. When we got there Fletcher was thrilled to see Santa. He could hardly control himself. They each recieved a bag of goodies (candy), and were able to sit on Santas lap. Santa had gifts for each of the kids, Fletcher recieved a fire truck with a little fire man in it, and Sophia recieved a June (Little Einsteins) Doll. Fletcher was a bit jealous that he did not get the June doll. We ate cookies and just relaxed for a little while. There were tons of kids there and Sophia and Fletcher found some new friends. We stayed for a little over an hour and then headed home. It was a really nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Thanks to Grandpap Pelley for including us!

Christmas 2008

Every year since we moved into our house we have taken Christmas pictures on the steps. It has become a yearly tradition. We don't bother with the professional pictures, there is too much drama involved. So this year, just like last, we dressed the kids in their Christmas outfits (which they will more than likely only wear once) and took some pictures. They were much more cooperative this year and actually smiled without being bribed with candy. Fletcher even tried to hug Sophia at one point. I guess maybe they do like each other sometimes.


We recently made a family trip to Robinson Mall in Pittsburg Pa. The REAL Santa comes to that mall and we have gone every year since Sophia was born to see him. He is the most wonderful man, he is so great with the kids, and they love him. He gives me chills everytime we see him. He really is amazing. He can speak 9 different languages and he knows sign language, he takes his time with the kids and never tries to rush them off. Sophia and Fletcher both sat with him and chatted for a few minutes and amazingly enough sat for a picture. Sophia requested a Barbie movie and Fletcher asked for a Little Einstein movie. We assured the kids that Santa would be able to take care of those gifts. This year christmas morning is going to be so exciting.