Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well....let me recap my morning!

So this morning at 6:45 we were all awake. It had snowed about 1 1/2 inches last night and the kids were psyched. Sophia instantly wanted to go outside. I am sure our neighbors loved us more than ever this morning. Sophia (screaming mimi) and Fletcher were out making snow angels by 7:15. Then breakfast, Sophia will only eat Vanilla wafers dipped in milk...Healthy huh? Then off to school for Sophia. She did not want to go as usualy until she found out Grandma Karen was picking her up, then it was ok. Then I came back home, Fletcher was dressed and ready to go, he was as usual begging to watch Little Einsteins, "the balloon one" to be exact. To which I said NO 500 times then finally gave in. So then the cat puked under the table. Finally at 9:00 I showered, and managed to run the sweeper since my dad was coming to watch Sophia this evening. Fletcher and I got out the door and about 1/2 way to Nanny Vopals when I realized I forgot something that I needed and had to go back home. Finally at 11:00 Fletcher was dropped off and I headed to school to study....Which I am not doing, because I am typing on here and reading everyone elses blogs, THANKS GUYS!!!!! Wish me luck on my huge test that I should be studying for......TTYL

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Dijea said...

That cat throw up is the worst. Thankfully most of my neighbors are up at the crack of dawn anyway so it wouldn't be a big deal.

Happy Tuesday