Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TV Come Home

I know we are getting a new president but does every channel have to broadcast it. I mean come on!!!!! In protest at 9:00 pm we are watching Super Bad. This is just annoying. I don't care who is being projected in states with only 10% of the votes in, just let me know when they are all in. I also am slightly amazed by the woman who was BEAMED in on CNN as a hologram. Who knew that such technology existed. HMMMMM someone please let me know when all this political crazyness is over!!!!!!!!


Dijea said...

The hologram was cool, but I spent the evening watching some of the TV shows I had recorded on the DVR. Since as a mom, I can't always watch TV when it is actually on. I bet you've experienced that.

Nicolas said...

i watched most of the election results, and caught up on chelsea lately until the speeches....tuesday night televison is crap anyways its ususally the night i catch up on DVR shows and laundry haha