Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Trick or treat was something the kids were really looking forward to. However, the first trick or treater to come to our house had a scarey mask on and scared the life out of my kids. Sophia and Fletcher instantly began screaming and shaking. Fletcher was clutching my leg and Sophia was screaming HOLD ME! So, we managed to get Fletcher to about 3 houses then he had to go home because he was still screaming. Sophia finally loosened up and was able to trick or treat on 2 streets. She closed her eyes everytime someone scarey came near us. The nice thing was everyone was giving her double the candy since Fletcher was not there (she was actually supposed to share with him...yeah right!) By the end of the first street I had to carry the candy because it was so heavy. She had a really good time and helped me hand out candy for the last 1/2 hour of the night. Hopefully next year Fletcher can last a little longer.


Dijea said...

Mine were Zombies and probably would have ruined your night as both my boys asked for "head injuries".

In a few years Fletcher will too, so enjoy it.

Mom2KCK said...

the first and last pics are my favs. Fletch man is the cutest BOY baby ever!