Thursday, October 2, 2008


So, who to vote for? I really am a little torn. I feel like I see pros and cons on both sides of the political race. I am so torn.....Hmmmm.... What to do? What to do? I feel like Sarah Plain shouldnot use the word "darn" or the word "heck" in a political debate. I also feel like Joe Biden should not support gay couples having health care through one another and not support gay marriage. Joe Biden also thinks that global warming is all caused by man, through out history this has been proven untrue. I do feel that Sarah Palin sometimes beats around the bush.... I am still not sure who to vote for. I need some input. Anyone have any ideas?
Oh and I am totally against universal health care, nothing is free and it will come back to bite us in the end. When 60 year old ladies are flying to Sweden to get hip replacements will regret universal health care.
James and I think that there should be no vice president candidate and the winner of the election should have to take the loser as the vice president.

SARAH PALIN JUST SAID "DOGGON IT" hmmmm....should the vice president really say that on TV????


Dijea said...

But, remember they had to actually bleep out a word Biden said. My husband thought it was hell, but I'm not sure.

I'm so torn too. I generally go Republican, but I just can't support a woman's right to choose or who wants to make MORAL LAWS. Its not the government's job to dictate our morals.

But Obama hasn't voted basically since he announced his run for president, so how can we really know where he stands.

I read a great article on CNN today. Don't concentrate on the President, as he only signs or vetos the laws. Vote on the Congress, the senate - they make the laws. Good advice. Are you following your local elections as closely? I have to admit I wasn't.

Oh and the last 10 minutes of Private Practice. She saved the baby by putting warm saline in the lungs to make a "womb" environment and the swat guy came to her door at home and she was all sexy in nothing but a man's shirt. They went out and she told Pete she couldn't go out with him because she started seeing someone the night before. Sam & Naomi got back to gether and Sam is taking over running the practice. Hope that catches you up.

Nicolas said...

health care, global warming, gay marriage, abortion... realistically, none of these things will even be addressed during the next 4 years thanks to the war in iraq and the busted economy. those are the issues you should focus on for this election. mccain/palin are completely out of touch on both issues. mccain voted with the current administration over 90% of the time and you see where the current administration has gotten us.