Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Out of need I signed up for pilates as a P.E. credit at school. I needed to be a full time student to get enough financial aid to pay for my classes. I really was not looking forward to it but I really had no choice. As it all turns out I really love it. I never in a million years thought an hour of breathing and moving one body part at a time would give me such an intense workout. The movements are simple but extremely challenging. I think even after the class ends I will continue taking pilates somewhere else. It really is relaxing and fun. Who would have ever thought I would enjoy exercise so much.
On another note tommorow is my first day of clinicals at school, wish me luck!

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Dijea said...

I love Pilates! I've started this summer and there are still nights after I tried really hard, that it actually hurt to roll up out of bed to go the bathroom. WHO KNEW?

Good luck on clinicals. My husband spent almost all of last year in clinicals as an XRAY tech. I remember those days. YEA!