Monday, October 13, 2008

Our wonderful son

So today was a great day for the Fletchman. He did some pretty great things.

1. I had to go get a new battery for my watch. So we went to the closest jewelry store that I could find. It was a totally snobby nose in that air place. This was not a kid friendly place. So the lady huffed and puffed and finally fixed by watch. I was paying for the battery and Fletcher randomly lets out the juiciest slobberyist sneeze I have ever seen all over the ladies face....I was thoroughly disgusted but totally cracking up on the inside. I mean it could not have happened to a more pleasant helpful woman. She was so grossed out and irritated I think she might have puked in her mouth.

2. I took Fletcher to the grocery store around 3:30 after his nap. He has learned to say "Help me" sometime in the last two days and it is normally really cute. However at Krogers at 3:30 when there are tons of people shopping, NOT SO CUTE. He was trying to escape from the buggy and he was screaming "Help me" to everyone that walked near us. I was so embarrassed, I think people thought I had kidnapped him. I think I turned every shade of red possible, still secretly cracking up on the inside.

So Fletcher just seems to crack me up constantly, I am going to get a video clip of him saying movie sometime soon because it is just too funny.


Mom2KCK said...

I really wish I could have been there when he sneezed all over that lady. I hope she has a snotty nose now :)

Dijea said...

Wait until Fletcher stands next to someone and starts asking about their flaws. OMG I've never been so embarassed in all my life.

Excellent aim with the watch lady Fletch!