Friday, October 10, 2008

Little Miss Independent

Sophia is really becoming more and more independent. Preschool has brought out a whole new side of her. She is not so shy and she definately speaks her mind and stands up for herself. She has lots of new friends not only at school but in our neighborhood. Everyday she learns something new at school. She has actually started taking naps. THANK GOD! I was really worried about how she would adjust to our busy schedules and to going to preschool but she has done just fine. She brings home a folder on Fridays with all of her artwork from the week and with a note from her teacher telling us everything she has been up to. Last week she was able to make butter at school during the lesson on the letter B. She also learned the "Shake your Butter" dance. It was entertaining. This week she learned about the letter C, she brought home pictures of circles and cats. The also learned about the word CALM since it was C week. The did yoga and calming things like that. Who knew Sophia would do yoga at the age of 3. I think I want to go to preschool. We are so proud of her and all of her new accomplishments. I am sure she will keep up the great work and come home with lots of great stories for us.


Dijea said...

Does every preschool have butter day. I remember Hunter making butter.

Excuse me while I quote Homer Simpson "MMMMM, Butter."

Ok, I'm all better now. Yea for the naps. That's like amazing. Mine quite WAY to early.

Mom2KCK said...

Isnt it amazing how preschool can mature a child in just a few short weeks. She is such a little lady now :)