Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hay Day

Today was a really fun today for the kids, they had a blast. All of the kids friends came over and we had a fall / halloween party. Nic, Colton, Kameryn, Mason, and Harper were all there. Grandma and Pap and Aunt Tammi also stopped by. We had cupcakes, cookies, snacks, juice boxes, and some other halloween goodies for everyone. We painted pumpkin and decorated a few cookies. I was also able to find a couple small bundles of hay for the kids to jump in. The hay was a highlight for Fletcher and Sophia. All of the kids enjoyed sliding down the slide into a huge pile of hay. Thanks to Will (Colton's daddy) and James there was a constant pile of hay for cushion at the bottom of the slide. Colton enjoyed decorating cookies. Fletcher was really into painting pumpkins. Nic definately enjoyed his cupcake. Kameryn managed to spread yellow paint all over herself, I am sure she thought it was makeup (see Ashley she is a girly girl). Mason enjoyed just about everything and Harper seemed to enjoy all the attention she was getting. Sophia just wanted to jump in the hay. I was really excited that everyone could come over and spend some time together, with my crazy busy schedule it seems like I am always on the go and today was nice to just be able to spend some time with friends and family. The most important thing was that the kids had a great time and I think that was accomplished. Ashley gets to do the Christmas party. I am partied out for a little while. Back to the grindstone, I have tons of school work to get done.

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Mom2KCK said...

You got some awesome pics of your kids. Who knew that a pile of hay on a 90 degree day would be so much fun.

PS...In the pic of Colton going down the slide, I am so glad that his head is covering most of my butt shot :P