Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall is here

Fall has officially started. Fletcher was so funny today, well he is funny everyday, but today he decided to sit in the middle of the massive pumpkin plant that has taken over our front yard. He thought it was so cool. He just plopped himself down right in the middle and started smiling. The ornary face he is making is just a glimpse into what we have been dealing with lately. Fletcher is basically a human parrot. He will repeat anything you say to the best of his ability. He is having trouble with the word MOVIE.....use your imagination for those of you who have not yet heard him say this word. I will give you a hint, replace the M and V with a B. He cracks us up on an hourly basis.


Dijea said...

I love him in the pumpkin patch! Awesome.

Mom2KCK said...

aww he is wearing Colton's puppy outfit. very cute! He'll have to wear it when he is at our house one day.