Monday, October 20, 2008

Jumping in the leaves

It is official my kids love the fall. They loved jumping in leaves today especially since Kameryn and Colton were here. I was so excited to get some great pictures of them. I have some really great ones of Kameryn and Colton but I will let Ashley post those ones. Fletcher was a little groggy at first since he was napping but he came out of his shell. The kids rode bikes, colored with chalk, and jumped in the neighbors leaves. I am so glad all the kids enjoy each other so much. I have been so busy lately it is nice to take a break every once in a while. I did just find out that next semester I only have to be at school 2 days a week....YIPPEEEE !!!! I can finally rejoin the real world.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our wonderful son

So today was a great day for the Fletchman. He did some pretty great things.

1. I had to go get a new battery for my watch. So we went to the closest jewelry store that I could find. It was a totally snobby nose in that air place. This was not a kid friendly place. So the lady huffed and puffed and finally fixed by watch. I was paying for the battery and Fletcher randomly lets out the juiciest slobberyist sneeze I have ever seen all over the ladies face....I was thoroughly disgusted but totally cracking up on the inside. I mean it could not have happened to a more pleasant helpful woman. She was so grossed out and irritated I think she might have puked in her mouth.

2. I took Fletcher to the grocery store around 3:30 after his nap. He has learned to say "Help me" sometime in the last two days and it is normally really cute. However at Krogers at 3:30 when there are tons of people shopping, NOT SO CUTE. He was trying to escape from the buggy and he was screaming "Help me" to everyone that walked near us. I was so embarrassed, I think people thought I had kidnapped him. I think I turned every shade of red possible, still secretly cracking up on the inside.

So Fletcher just seems to crack me up constantly, I am going to get a video clip of him saying movie sometime soon because it is just too funny.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hay Day pictures

Hay Day

Today was a really fun today for the kids, they had a blast. All of the kids friends came over and we had a fall / halloween party. Nic, Colton, Kameryn, Mason, and Harper were all there. Grandma and Pap and Aunt Tammi also stopped by. We had cupcakes, cookies, snacks, juice boxes, and some other halloween goodies for everyone. We painted pumpkin and decorated a few cookies. I was also able to find a couple small bundles of hay for the kids to jump in. The hay was a highlight for Fletcher and Sophia. All of the kids enjoyed sliding down the slide into a huge pile of hay. Thanks to Will (Colton's daddy) and James there was a constant pile of hay for cushion at the bottom of the slide. Colton enjoyed decorating cookies. Fletcher was really into painting pumpkins. Nic definately enjoyed his cupcake. Kameryn managed to spread yellow paint all over herself, I am sure she thought it was makeup (see Ashley she is a girly girl). Mason enjoyed just about everything and Harper seemed to enjoy all the attention she was getting. Sophia just wanted to jump in the hay. I was really excited that everyone could come over and spend some time together, with my crazy busy schedule it seems like I am always on the go and today was nice to just be able to spend some time with friends and family. The most important thing was that the kids had a great time and I think that was accomplished. Ashley gets to do the Christmas party. I am partied out for a little while. Back to the grindstone, I have tons of school work to get done.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I attend the local community college for nursing school. So today my school had a kids halloween party for all of the students who have children. I thought my kids would love it....Well, that back fired in my face. The magician took forever, the kids had to wait for the candy (which really ticked them off), and some A hole with a scary mask on scared the CRAP out of Sophia. I mean who wears a scarey mask at a small childrens halloween party. What a freaking idiot. I was a stressed out mess when we left there. I was so upset about the kids not having fun that I decided to have a halloween party at our house tommorow. I think they will enjoy having all of their friends over and jumping in hay and painting pumpkins better than some weirdo magician and some A hole in a scarey mask.
I am also challenging anyone who reads this to come up for a classy name for that magician...HE WAS FABULOUS!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Little Miss Independent

Sophia is really becoming more and more independent. Preschool has brought out a whole new side of her. She is not so shy and she definately speaks her mind and stands up for herself. She has lots of new friends not only at school but in our neighborhood. Everyday she learns something new at school. She has actually started taking naps. THANK GOD! I was really worried about how she would adjust to our busy schedules and to going to preschool but she has done just fine. She brings home a folder on Fridays with all of her artwork from the week and with a note from her teacher telling us everything she has been up to. Last week she was able to make butter at school during the lesson on the letter B. She also learned the "Shake your Butter" dance. It was entertaining. This week she learned about the letter C, she brought home pictures of circles and cats. The also learned about the word CALM since it was C week. The did yoga and calming things like that. Who knew Sophia would do yoga at the age of 3. I think I want to go to preschool. We are so proud of her and all of her new accomplishments. I am sure she will keep up the great work and come home with lots of great stories for us.

Fall is here

Fall has officially started. Fletcher was so funny today, well he is funny everyday, but today he decided to sit in the middle of the massive pumpkin plant that has taken over our front yard. He thought it was so cool. He just plopped himself down right in the middle and started smiling. The ornary face he is making is just a glimpse into what we have been dealing with lately. Fletcher is basically a human parrot. He will repeat anything you say to the best of his ability. He is having trouble with the word MOVIE.....use your imagination for those of you who have not yet heard him say this word. I will give you a hint, replace the M and V with a B. He cracks us up on an hourly basis.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Out of need I signed up for pilates as a P.E. credit at school. I needed to be a full time student to get enough financial aid to pay for my classes. I really was not looking forward to it but I really had no choice. As it all turns out I really love it. I never in a million years thought an hour of breathing and moving one body part at a time would give me such an intense workout. The movements are simple but extremely challenging. I think even after the class ends I will continue taking pilates somewhere else. It really is relaxing and fun. Who would have ever thought I would enjoy exercise so much.
On another note tommorow is my first day of clinicals at school, wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Money does not grow on trees !

So I have been informed today that thanks to the government buyout plan if each of us, hypothetically, were to recieve the amount of money that the government is using....per person we would recieve about $250,000.00 per person. HMMMMM..... I will take the money and pay off our bills and pocket the remainder, THE BAHAMAS here we come. I mean who the hell are we bailing out, total idiots. The government is getting off easy bailiing us out. I mean student loans, a few credit cards, and our where near what they are dishing out. I feel like this is going to come back to haunt us. I am going to quote my 6th grade teacher and say, "There is no such thing as a free lunch." NOTHING IS FREE, someone will always pay. Unfortunately it is usually us. I am sure that the money that is bailing everyone out will come out of our pockets in some way or another. I hope this works out because I am a skeptic.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


So, who to vote for? I really am a little torn. I feel like I see pros and cons on both sides of the political race. I am so torn.....Hmmmm.... What to do? What to do? I feel like Sarah Plain shouldnot use the word "darn" or the word "heck" in a political debate. I also feel like Joe Biden should not support gay couples having health care through one another and not support gay marriage. Joe Biden also thinks that global warming is all caused by man, through out history this has been proven untrue. I do feel that Sarah Palin sometimes beats around the bush.... I am still not sure who to vote for. I need some input. Anyone have any ideas?
Oh and I am totally against universal health care, nothing is free and it will come back to bite us in the end. When 60 year old ladies are flying to Sweden to get hip replacements will regret universal health care.
James and I think that there should be no vice president candidate and the winner of the election should have to take the loser as the vice president.

SARAH PALIN JUST SAID "DOGGON IT" hmmmm....should the vice president really say that on TV????