Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pink Unicorns and Alien Green Snot

We are ALL SICK!!!!! I hate being sick but even more I hate my kids being sick. It is so sad when they don't feel good. Today I took both kiddos to the doctors. They have had alien green snot dripping from their tiny noses for 3 days now. Sophia is coughing, Fletcher is miserable, and James and I are exhausted. If anyone in either of our families read this COME HELP US!!!!! The doctor informed me that both kids had slight ear infections, Fletchers worse than Sophia's. Fletcher has blisters in his throat that are causing him to drool worse than normal (which means that he may dehydrate from drool..lol) They are both on antibiotics. Fletcher has the baby version of a Z pack...thanks to his inability to take large amounts of medicine. Let me explain, SNOT + FLETCHER + MEDICINE = PUKE FEST!!!! Sophia is on Amoxycillin which she thinks is awesome because it is pink. I am just drugging myself with Dayquil and Ibuprofen and trying to get through this school week without my head exploding. Thanks goes out to Grandma Karen who watched the kids today for a couple of hours so Sophia and Fletcher did not contaminate any other kids. I am just appologizing now in case we get anyone else sick because I know how crappy it is to have sick kids or be sick yourself.

On a lighter note, Sophia got her halloween costume. I thought $30.00 was too much to spend on a halloween costume but the fact that she has not taken it off since we got it makes me feel better. She got a pink unicorn outfit from Target, it looks like she is riding the unicorn. Her legs are the back legs and then she holds the head up iwth the reins and the front legs are stuffed. She has worn the thing for 2 days straight and even slept with it last night. She wore it to the doctors this morning and has named it Stawberry Shortcake. She feeds it pretend food and pets it. I guess we will actually get our money's worth out of this costume. Hopefully she is not sick of it by halloween.

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Dijea said...

Awe, sorry about the sickness. My little Hunter gets a sinus infection everytime his allergies start up. We've been on Amoxil for 10 days now. We have another 10 days to go.Whoo! Hoo!

Feel better soon!