Monday, August 18, 2008

Sophia is starting pre school !

Sophia is so grown up. I cannot believe that tommorow she will be going to preschool. She is so excited to go but it is so hard to believe that she is such a little lady. Today we went to the playground and Sophia was able to meet a new friend who will also being going to school with her. Her name is Anna and she was adorable. Sophia, Colton, and Anna had a really good time together. Sophia was talking about going to the park with her friends all day. She is always asking me when her friends can come over. She has a social life and she is only 3 years old. I know that preschool will be great for her, she cannot wait to meet the kids and have more friends to play with. She is a little sad that Colton is not going to her school. Sophia and Colton are buddies. Tommorow will be an exciting day. I keep telling myself that I am excited for her to go to school but I am a little worried that I will be the one crying and not Sophia. I will have to let you know tommorow........

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