Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting crazy in the creek

This morning was pretty fun. I have recovered from the shock of my high cholesterol and I ate some cheerios this morning. I then took Sophia and Fletcher on a walk to Wheeling Park. They played for about 30 minutes and then we walked home. It was about a 2 mile walk and pushing the double stroller made it feel like 10 miles. I think that should count as my 30 minutes of excercise for today. After we came home Sophia wanted Colton to come over so we gave him a call and Ashley was able to drop him off. We took the kids down to the creek to "fish" with Sophia's Barbie fishing pole. They were interested in that for about 10 seconds and then decided they would just throw rocks. Fletcher managed to wade into the creek and of course Sophia and Colton followed. James left me half way through to go do some work at his parents house, so I was left with 3 soaking wet kids. We walked back to our house and everyone had a popsicle and I managed to find some clothes for Colton that were not 10 sizes to small. Sophia became pretty moody and I thought at one point she was going to punch Colton. Sophia has become used to napping at school and I think she was just tired. Sorry Ashley I should not be making excuses for my daughter yelling at Colton! All in all a good time was had by next time Sophia will be a little nicer. Colton please give her another chance......TO BE CONTINUED.


Mom2KCK said...

Really cute pics!! Colton loves Sophia even if she is I need to bring Kameryn down since she is bitter about missing out on todays fun.

Dijea said...

Personally, I think pushing a double stroller 2 miles should count for a week's worth of exercise but that's just me.

Looks like a fun time, with I was there.