Friday, August 22, 2008


I just had some blood work done. It was just supposed to be routine blood work nothing fancy, just to make sure I was ok. Well it turns out my cholesterol is sky high. It is 313. It should be 150. YIKES !!!! I never in a million years ever thought I would have high cholesterol. In order to correct this huge problem I have to completely change my diet and start excercising everyday. YIPEEEE!!!!! Fletcher and I went to Krogers after my appointment and I bought some super healthy food. Did I mention I had to give up butter, margarine, cheese, anything fried, and oil......hmmmmm basically that leaves fruits, vegetables, tofu, and chicken. YUMMMYYYYY!!!! So for lunch today I had a mushroom veggie burger, some pretzels, and a glass of water. I am now waiting for Fletcher to go to sleep so I can go use the eliptical trainer that we bought that I normally use as a coat rack. Someone please check on my in about an hour and make sure I have not had a heart attack!

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Dijea said...

HOLY SMOKES! My husband's was 285 last time it was checked. What freaked us out was his Triglycerides. Normal is 150 his were 615. Exercise dropped it dramatically. Eat lost of fish, avocados are yummy and good for you. I hate fish, but it will make a difference.