Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Her Birthday was a Success

Teusday was Sophia's 3rd birthday and she spent her day with Colton. I took them to the playground, for a picnic, and then to play in the stream near Oglebay. They really seemed to enjoy throwing rocks in the water and seeing the waterfall. After all of the excitement we came back to our house and they watched some TV and ate popcorn. We saved the cake and presents for last. Overall Sophia was pretty excited about her presents, I think they were a little too girly for Colton but he seemed to have a good time too. Later that night Pap Mick and Grandma Karen brought pizza to our house and spent some time with the kids. It was a great birthday and on Saturday we are having a big party that will be just as much fun !!!!


Mom2KCK said...

aww how cute are they?!? Was Colton being all "big brotherly" in the pic where they are holding hands?

Abby said...

I really think that Sophia and Colton are just like an old married couple. They have their disagreements but at the end of the day they really enjoy each other. They are just so cute!!!!