Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Cats Meow !

Well it is official we were bored! It was just unfortunate that the cat had to suffer from our boredom. He was a good sport. Sophia thought that dressing the cat up was sooooo funny. I have to admit that James and I were cracking up, too. Ace was a little upset about the dress but the t-shirt and cup of tea really did not bother him at all. It seemed like a good idea since Sophia's new doll wears the same size as Ace. He just hung out and played along. I think we are onto something, everyone dresses up their dogs why not clothes for cats?????


Judy said...

Cats are sooooooooo entertaining. Bored or not, dressing a cat is always good for a laugh. By the way, the kids in your house are darling.

Dijea said...

Judy is my mom. OMG, she's checking out my blog roll. Is this some kind of mother daughter violation?

Just kidding. Poor kitty, ours has the same problem, they totally suffer when we are bored. But Ace looks good in a dress.

Tiffany said...

That poor kitty