Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Cats Meow !

Well it is official we were bored! It was just unfortunate that the cat had to suffer from our boredom. He was a good sport. Sophia thought that dressing the cat up was sooooo funny. I have to admit that James and I were cracking up, too. Ace was a little upset about the dress but the t-shirt and cup of tea really did not bother him at all. It seemed like a good idea since Sophia's new doll wears the same size as Ace. He just hung out and played along. I think we are onto something, everyone dresses up their dogs why not clothes for cats?????

Princess Party

Every little girl wants to be a princess and this includes Sophia. She had 2 birthday cakes, the first was a small one with a crown on it and the second was a Disney princess cake with 4 princesses on it. She had a great time at her big party on July 19th. All of her friends came (except Ryleigh we missed you) and everyone seemed to have a great time. Ironically enough Ryleigh was not there but the baby doll Sophia opened from Aunt Chris has been named Ryleigh. Sophia takes her everywhere with her and we change her clothes daily. She even has jammies and a pillow for bedtime. Aunt Chris made lots of little outfits for her and we were able to find her some jammies at Target. I feel like I have a third child!!!! I always wanted a girly girl, I guess I cannot complain.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Her Birthday was a Success

Teusday was Sophia's 3rd birthday and she spent her day with Colton. I took them to the playground, for a picnic, and then to play in the stream near Oglebay. They really seemed to enjoy throwing rocks in the water and seeing the waterfall. After all of the excitement we came back to our house and they watched some TV and ate popcorn. We saved the cake and presents for last. Overall Sophia was pretty excited about her presents, I think they were a little too girly for Colton but he seemed to have a good time too. Later that night Pap Mick and Grandma Karen brought pizza to our house and spent some time with the kids. It was a great birthday and on Saturday we are having a big party that will be just as much fun !!!!

New Man in the House

I just wanted to introduce our newest addition to the family, his name is Ace. He is about 8 weeks old and I am secretly calling him a panther because he is enormous. Our other cats seem to really love him and Sophia will not put him down. He is so cute and cuddly in the evenings after the kids go to bed. He has been a great kitten so far and we hope he likes us as much as we like him.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Day at the Pool

Today we went swimming at Pappy Clark and Weezies pool. Karen came with us so she could see Sophia swimming. Karen and Sophia had a great time together. Karen went off the diving board and Sophia thought that was pretty exciting. Colton and Ashley also came to the pool with us. The weather was perfect today, we all had a great time. Tommorow is Sophia's 3rd birthday and we have all sort of fun things planned, check back for pics from her birthday.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rain Barrel

So we started a rain barrel tonight, just in time for some heavy rain. I bought a 35 gallon garbage can, some gutter adjusters, some spickets(as they are called in WV) and a lid....My physicist husband created a rain barrel. I was thinking that it would rain and a few inches would run into the barrel.....Well right now it is over flowing. Who would have thought that we could collect 35 gallons of water off of our roof in 30 minutes. I guess I will be able to water my flowers for a while in case of a drought. Please answer one question for me....Does recycling, composting, and harvesting rain water make us are we just going green????

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I recently went to the park with Sophia and we took some pictures with my camera. Sophia really likes to push the button on the camera. She actually took one of the pictures that I just posted. We have all been a little under the weather over the weekend and I went to the drugstore to get a couple of things and I saw a Disney Princess camera that I knew Sophia would love. She has been snapping pictures left and right with it. She is so funny. Thankfully we are all getting better and no one has thrown up for 24 hours......YIPEEEE !

Sophia is Turning 3

Sophia will be turning three years old on July 15th. She is so excited for her birthday party. She wants a cake with a crown on it and princess plates and cups. She is really into the Disney Princesses right now and she loves to dress up. She has really become a girly girl. In September she will be going to preschool and learning all kinds of new things. We cannot believe how she has grown it seems like yesterday when she just a tiny baby.