Monday, June 23, 2008

Go Green or Go Home

This week we have been going green full force. James has started a compost which I think is really neat. I was definately skeptic at first because I thought it was going to be really smelly. I have been pleasantly surprised because it does not smell at all. We even added some worms to it so I feel like we have more pets now. In addition to the compost, I planted some organic herbs. I started with organic potting soil and then planted some seeds. I also bought some non organic herbs and planted them in some pots just in case the seeds never grow. Last night we took the dogs to the creek to swim and found some old window seat or something that someone just tossed down on the creek bank, it was really neat rustic wood and I was a little angry that someone just tossed it out like that. This morning James went down to the creek and brought it home and he is building a huge planter box for me to plant my organic herbs in. I am secretly thinking about trying to recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum (nowhere in Wheeling recycles glass) but I am not sure where I will put all of those seperate bins. Our kitchen is small. Anyways we are trying our best to help out the environment.


Dijea said...

Does the city make you separate your recycles? Here we throw everything in a big giant blue recycle bin. I think its 95 gallons. We fill it up every two weeks. We recycle bottles, glass, paper (although I put paper in a separate bag to be nice) I even fold up all my cardboard boxes. Its awesome. My husband is not so good with it, but I make up for that.

A great and organic way to kill ants in oatmeal. Just sprinkle a little around and boom, they are gone.

Tiffany said...

WTG! We have the CFL light bulbs and do cloth diapers, but im always looking for new things to try.