Monday, June 9, 2008

The Big 30

James turned 30 today. He is officially an old man. To quote Sophia, " Happy Birthday Old Man!" We had a party on Saturday and it was really fun. All of our friends and some family members we here. We had some adult beverages and some really great food. I was able to have a Miller Lite Beer Bottle cake made for James. All in all everyone had a great time. I am so glad we have so many friends and family members that could stop by and say hi....Sophia was excited to help James blow out candles before the party. We had a special cupcake just for her and James to blow out before bedtime. She keeps telling us her birthday is in one hour. I think she really means one month.


Dijea said...

Love the cake! But James is not old. I'm hitting the big 4-0 this year that's old. If 40's the new 20, then 30's the new teenager.

Abby said...

if 30 is the new teenager then I am about 10 years old and someone should be taking care of me and doing my laundry and cooking me dinner....Anyone want to adopt me???? Little orphan Abby!!!!LOL