Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day 2008


These pictures that I posted need a little explanation. My Uncle Mark is a pretty funny guy, he seems to always have something up his sleeve. On Memorial Day he got out his decoy turkeys for the kids. My unlce hunts, not your typical hunter, he is not a redneck or anything like that. So the turkeys were a hit. Sophia and Fletcher thought they were so cool. Fletcher was giving hugs and kisses and at one point trying to eat them. Sophia our wildlife queen thought they were awesome. Uncle Mark entertained the kids all evening (Thanks Uncle Mark). Fletcher also thought that a plastic chair was a great toy and he climbed on and off of it about 100 times. We had a great picnic and the kids had a blast.


Nicolas said...

i think those turkeys are real. they make me nervous.

Abby said...

the kids were so excited about those turkeys...who would have thought that something so bizarre would entertain my kids for hours.