Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fletcher Has a BOO BOO

Fletcher just got his first set of stitches, he has three stitches over his left eye. He was trying to stand on a toy and fell and hit his head off of the car and train table in the living room. I was at a carnival with Sophia when I got the call that Fletcher fell and was bleeding. I took him to Wheeling Hospital and we were able to take advantage of the fast track E.R. We were in and out of there in less than 2 hours. It was a miracle. Fletcher was a perfect angel until they cleaned his cut and injected it to numb it. He quit crying as soon as I picked him up and told the nurses bye bye. The P.A. that did his stitches was amazing it only took her 5 minutes to inject the cut and stitch it. Thank god some people understand how important it is to be quick when little kids are involved. I was completely pleased with how professional and child friendly the E.R. was. Fletcher has not complained at all about his wound, we have given him infant motrin 2 times and he had some ibuprofen before we left the E.R. The entire time we were at the E.R. I was glad I had Fletcher there and not Sophia because she would have been screaming her head off. It is amazing how different two kids can be. Well we survived out first round of stitches, for some reason I am thinking it won't be our last......

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Dijea said...

Poor little thing. No, it won't be your last. We have a tag on the kids blog - Trips to the ER. My husband and I alternate. My 5 year old recently went thru the neighbor's sliding glass door.

MMMM, fun times!