Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Picnic Time

Yesterday, April 8, 2008, we went to Wheeling Park for our first ever picnic. We were joined by our friends Kim and Nick and Aunt Tammi stopped too. It was soo nice outside. Fletcher and Sophia sat on the blanket and ate some of their lunch ( pb&j and some chips and fruit) Sophia really enjoyed picking flowers, she must have picked 25 flowers out of a patch of daffodils. Fletcher was on a mission to catch a duck. He chased it through the grass for about 5 minutes until it was so sick of him that it flew away. After lunch we went to the playground, I had to grease the kids up with sunblock because it was soo sunny. They had a great time and were worn out when we left. It was a succesful picnic so we might have to do it again.

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