Saturday, April 12, 2008

Inflatable Playground

Today was such a fun day. We went to Foggy Bottom Country Club, which has laser tag, miniature golf, an arcade, and an inflatable playground. James, Sophia and I were joined by Colton, Ashley (his mom), Nick, and Kim (his mom). We had the whole playground to ourselves for 30 minutes. It was sooo much fun, James and I are exhausted and I know my legs are going to hurt like crazy tommorow but it was well worth it. Sophia had the best time, she was laughing and squealing the whole time. Colton and Sophia were fearless and they did the 2 story slide over and over again. Nick hung out at the bottom and crawled around, at least it was a soft area for his to crawl on. We are definately going to have to go again and play some more. Afterwards James, Sophia, and I picked up Fletcher (he was staying with Aunt Tammi) and we all went to TJ's for some yummy food. It was such a nice family day.

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