Monday, April 28, 2008

Fishing 101

Sophia was so excited to get her new Barbie Fishing pole. When we told her she was going fishing the first thing she said was that she needed a pole.

Practice makes perfect. She is definately not ready for a hook but she did pretty well with her plastic fish. She has definately perfected reeling it in.

Fletcher wanted a piece of the action too. He was trying so hard to be one of the big kids.

He found a big stick to use as his pole and within 5 minutes he was wading in the water.

This picture cracks me up because he looks like Huck Finn. How cute can he get.

She needed a little help with the casting but she reeled it in like a champ.

Colton and his dad came down to join the fishing fun. Colton had a Sponge Bob pole and he was definately a fisherman. He even caught a stick.

Fishing was really fun for the kids, even Fletcher. I am sure eventually they will graduate to being able to use a hook. For now we will stick with plastic fish. Fletcher will need his hip waders for our next fishing trip. He fell in the mud and was not too happy. All in all it was a fun time.

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