Monday, April 28, 2008

Does anyone want a Manicure

I know that every girl loves a manicure and pedicure. But how about one with a Sharpie marker. Sophia got her sneaky little hands on my Sharpie when I was not looking and completely colored her finger and toe nails. Amazingly she only got a small dot of black ink on the couch. She was pretty precise and extremely proud of herself. She came to me and said, "Look I paint my pinger nails." I asked her what color they were and she said PINK. It was soo cute I could not help but laugh. We did have a little talk about markers after that and she was told that if she wanted her nails painted all she had to do was ask.

Fishing 101

Sophia was so excited to get her new Barbie Fishing pole. When we told her she was going fishing the first thing she said was that she needed a pole.

Practice makes perfect. She is definately not ready for a hook but she did pretty well with her plastic fish. She has definately perfected reeling it in.

Fletcher wanted a piece of the action too. He was trying so hard to be one of the big kids.

He found a big stick to use as his pole and within 5 minutes he was wading in the water.

This picture cracks me up because he looks like Huck Finn. How cute can he get.

She needed a little help with the casting but she reeled it in like a champ.

Colton and his dad came down to join the fishing fun. Colton had a Sponge Bob pole and he was definately a fisherman. He even caught a stick.

Fishing was really fun for the kids, even Fletcher. I am sure eventually they will graduate to being able to use a hook. For now we will stick with plastic fish. Fletcher will need his hip waders for our next fishing trip. He fell in the mud and was not too happy. All in all it was a fun time.

A trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo

Sophia and Fletcher were able to go to the Pittsburgh Zoo last week. We had such a great time. Sophia was sooooo excited, especially to see a camel. We went with two other moms and their kids. There was a total of 4 kids and 3 moms. We spent the entire day there and saw pretty much every animal. The weather was perfect and it was not too hot and the sunny would shine every now and then. Both Sophia and Fletcher loved the zoo and I cannot wait to go back again.

Fletcher has a friend

Sophia is not the only one making friends lately. Fletcher has found Kameryn, she is a month and a half older than him and they seem to get along really well. Kameryn is Colton's (Sophia's friend) sister. It is nice that both Sophia and Fletcher have kids there own age to hang out with.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Inflatable Playground

Today was such a fun day. We went to Foggy Bottom Country Club, which has laser tag, miniature golf, an arcade, and an inflatable playground. James, Sophia and I were joined by Colton, Ashley (his mom), Nick, and Kim (his mom). We had the whole playground to ourselves for 30 minutes. It was sooo much fun, James and I are exhausted and I know my legs are going to hurt like crazy tommorow but it was well worth it. Sophia had the best time, she was laughing and squealing the whole time. Colton and Sophia were fearless and they did the 2 story slide over and over again. Nick hung out at the bottom and crawled around, at least it was a soft area for his to crawl on. We are definately going to have to go again and play some more. Afterwards James, Sophia, and I picked up Fletcher (he was staying with Aunt Tammi) and we all went to TJ's for some yummy food. It was such a nice family day.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Friends

Sophia has a new friend named Colton, they are truely a match made in heaven. He is a super cute kid that just kinda hangs out and really likes Sophia. Sophia has liked Colton since the moment she met him and they are great playmates. They have been able to do alot of fun things together like go to the circus and childrens museum. They are always so excited to see each other and play together. It is so nice for Sophia to have a good friend.

Picnic Time

Yesterday, April 8, 2008, we went to Wheeling Park for our first ever picnic. We were joined by our friends Kim and Nick and Aunt Tammi stopped too. It was soo nice outside. Fletcher and Sophia sat on the blanket and ate some of their lunch ( pb&j and some chips and fruit) Sophia really enjoyed picking flowers, she must have picked 25 flowers out of a patch of daffodils. Fletcher was on a mission to catch a duck. He chased it through the grass for about 5 minutes until it was so sick of him that it flew away. After lunch we went to the playground, I had to grease the kids up with sunblock because it was soo sunny. They had a great time and were worn out when we left. It was a succesful picnic so we might have to do it again.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sand Box Time

Today was the first day that we had all of the kids toys outside. Fletcher was able to experience sand for the first time, he was unsure but kinda liked it. Sophia loved having the time outside. She was only plowed over by the dogs once so in my book it was a success.