Monday, February 11, 2008

The Many Moods of Sophia

Sophia is so funny, you never know when she will just burst out laughing. Sometime she is so moody I do not know what to do with her and other times she has me laughing so hard I cannot breathe. This morning she was feeding Fletcher Ritz crackers while I was sorting laundry. She kept crumbling crackers into the dirty clothes so I told her it would make Fletcher really happy if she would go downstairs and give him a cracker. She turned to me and said, "here you go mommy (handing me a cracker), you happy now". She was so cute I had to eat the cracker. After that I was not so concerned with the crumbs in the laundry. Everyday she does something new. When our mail came today Grandma Kiger had sent Sophia a valentine. It was a Disney Princess valentine, Sophia went nuts. She said, "Oh WOW mommy a princess card Oh WOW". She was so excited, she carried it around with her all afternoon. I guess it is the little things that bring such joy.

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