Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's a Party

Fletcher had his first birthday party on February 16th at 3:00. It was a little chaotic but lots of fun. All of our family came to celebrate as well as a few friends. Sophia's friend Jake came which made her day. She loves Jake and he seems to like her too. Jake's little sister Haley, who is only 3 1/2 months old also came. Everything turned out nice, the cake was really cute and it tasted great. Fletcher had lots of presents to open and with a little help from Sophia they managed just fine. He was pretty excited about the little trucks, the rocket, and a tool set that he got. Sophia was excited about the movies that he got. Sophia had a few little things of her own to open, Grandma got her a Princess Jasmine pez dispenser which she loved, she also got a makeup set with a makeup bag. On Fletchers actual birthday Sophia and I took him swimming at the YMCA, he loved it. Sophia swam all by herself and Fletcher and I splashed together. Afterwards we went to McDonald's for his birthday lunch, and I did not hear any complaints. All in All he did pretty well for his first birthday. I am sure there will be many more exciting birthdays to come..

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