Friday, February 29, 2008

Doesn't get much cuter than that

Everyday our kids do something that is so cute that I just have to laugh. Today Nanny Vopal watched them both while I took our cat to the vet. Fletcher proved to be a true handful. He threw Nanny Vopal and Pap Pap's phone in their toilet and spilled a whole glass of pop. Way to go Fletch Man. Sophia has been equally as challenging lately. She has had a cold and been very moody. I guess everyone has bad days. Sophia has been more loving to Fletcher lately and just when you think she is helping out she will say, "Fletchman loves Backyard Movie" ....meaning I really want to watch the Backyardigans. She uses him to get what she wants....Way to go Sophia. I guess that is what siblings do.......

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